The Creative Industries classes are delivered with RSL Awards.

They are designed for you take between one and three classes every 12 weeks, depending on the amount of time you have to spend studying.  They are delivered entirely online, so are flexible to fit your schedule, in your own time, at your own pace.  As you pass each class, you will be awarded a digital certificate from RSL Awards.

Enrolled students have 24-hour access to your classes which means you can study anytime, anywhere at your own pace. You will get guidance and feedback from our industry-professional instructors and be able to learn, talk and collaborate with others on the course in the Community Area.

You can read about the classes below, and if you have any questions, please email;

Online business and live music classes

1. Music Industry Skills - Level 4

This course will introduce you to concepts and methodologies that underpin the development of skills relevant to your chosen specialism.

The skills learned in this unit are designed to be contextualized into the music industry and support your career, illuminating the transition between theoretical understanding and practical application.

These concepts will also directly inform other areas of study and  will therefore have an intrinsic interconnectivity with other units. While the majority of the skills studied will be in the context of your chosen specialism, you will also be guided in broader applications for their use.

This course is taught over 12 weeks, and you will be required to study for 15-20 hours per week. Your study time will include reading, writing, watching video content and playing your chosen instrument.

online music classes

2. Self Analysis in Music - Level 4

This unit is designed to help you analyse, evaluate and develop key concepts about yourself and how they relate to your perceived brand in the music industry.

In addition to understanding who you are and what you do (e.g. your creative output), you will learn how to identify your market (i.e. fans and/or clients) and ways of developing your relationship with them.

You will be guided as you undertake a range of feedback opportunities that enable you to develop your own brand and rationalise it against the intended marketplace.

This class is suitable for guitarists, bassist, drummers, vocalists, songwriters, music entrepreneurs, music producers and creators.

Songwriting online music class

3. Artist Analysis - Level 4

The Artist Analysis course provides you with the opportunity to research and replicate the techniques, processes and creative output of leading music industry professionals as acknowledged within their specialist area.

You will adopt a horizontal approach, focusing on breadth of research in order that a range of creative work is analysed and explored.

Additionally, you will be asked to analyse and explain your chosen artist in a way that demonstrates a contextual understanding of the historical, social and cultural factors that have contributed towards the shaping of their unique achievements.

online music business class

4. Industry Project - Level 4

This class guides and supports the creation and execution of a project strategy with commercial and creative outcomes relating to your specialism.  

You will also evaluate and critique the processes and outcomes of the project, demonstrating your knowledge of project management, people management and music business working practice.

By the end of the class, you will demonstrate an understanding of the practical application of your specialist knowledge in the execution of a time-bound project within the music industry.

music industry income streams

5. Music Industry Income Streams - Level 4

The aim of this class is to enable you to recognise and evaluate the potential income streams available to you as a creative practitioner in the current music industry environment.

You will appraise the potential commercial opportunities that are available through the income streams relating to your chosen specialism, shaping your career path as you do so.

The course is designed to help you devise and explain a strategic plan applicable to a creative practitioner who relies on the effective management of multiple income streams.

online music classes

6. Creative Commissions in Music - Level 4

The Creative Commissions in Music course is designed to unlock your creative and  commercial potential by getting you to apply your specialist skills into a format that reflects the working of the music industry.  

You will demonstrate your ability to create and complete creative output within the parameters of a specific brief.  Additionally, you will be asked to reflect critically on the process and explain the methods you have used and your rationale behind them.


These 6-week online educational experiences will take your current skills and knowledge to the next level.  Delivered by expert faculty, the classes are delivered online.

If you have any questions or need more information, just send an email to

Technical and Stylistic Development (Guitar)

This short course provides an overview of some of the specialist skills, techniques and theoretical concepts that are vital for helping you to expand your technical facility and enable long-term creative musical expression on your instrument.

The course will cover the following topics:

Major, natural minor and blues scales
Example licks and phrases
Develop essential techniques such as string-bending and vibrato

Learn a final performance piece or use the backing track to upload and share your own version!

The course is written and taught by renowned guitarist and educator Martin Goulding.

Drumming online

Technical and Stylistic Development (Drums)

This course focuses on some of the essential styles and techniques needed to be a working drummer.

Drawing from a wide range of examples from some of the best drummers on the planet, the course combines a rich blend of text, notation and video to provide tuition in the following areas:

New Orleans/second-line
Odd time signatures

Music Business Basics

The music industry is a fast-changing landscape where knowledge is essential for career navigation and the monetization of creative skills.

Whether you’re an artist, producer, songwriter, musician or someone interested in the business side of music, the Music Business Basics course provides vital information on how to get started and be successful in this exciting industry.

The course provides an introduction and general overview to the business of music that will cover the essential topics of:

The New Music Business & Building A Musician
Gigging/Live Performance
Copyrights / Publishing / Licensing / Synchronization
Marketing / Promotion / Branding
Music Sponsorships

Songwriting Class

Your Song

This course will introduce you to fundamental methods, techniques, and practices of the songwriting craft.

The techniques and concepts studied on the course can be applied in a wide variety of styles and collaborative working amongst students will be encouraged as appropriate.

The primary goal of the course will be to encourage you to develop your own original material, including both lyrics and music. Much of the course will be focused on:

Song Form
Subject and Lyrical Content
Melody & Harmony


music industry teachers

RSL Level 4 Professional Teaching Diploma Support Course

This course is designed to prepare students for the submission of their final portfolio of work to RSL Awards for the RSL Level 4 Professional Diploma in Teaching qualification.

With exciting and fulsome content mapped specifically to the requisite RSL units, the course is designed to support working professionals gain the skills and knowledge needed to acquire an internationally recognised teaching qualification at higher education level.