DIME was founded in 2014, by two music industry professionals, who wanted to give back to the next generation. Kevin Nixon and Sarah Clayman have worked in the worldwide music industry for their whole careers. Between them, they have excellent track records in most areas of the business including recording and touring artists, artist and producer management, tour management, songwriting, record company executives, A&R, video production, record promotions and brand marketing. They have developed a wide and unique understanding of professional music, and understand the skills needed for success.  

In 2000, Kevin and Sarah founded BIMM, Europe's largest music education group and graduated several thousand UK music industry professionals. 'It's not only the name artists we helped such as James Bay, Tom Odell, or George Ezra, there are so many others who have succeeded behind the scenes, and have long-term careers in all areas of music' says Sarah Clayman. 'We found ourselves on an incredible journey having created a place for eager musicians to be in a much-needed creative environment, and for parents to watch their children gain academic qualifications in modern music. As BIMM grew to 4 campuses in Brighton, Bristol, Dublin and London, we wanted to grow into the international music community, particularly in the US, where we discovered that most Universities and Colleges music departments were only teaching classical and jazz music. DIME is there to fill that gap.

We created the DIME Ethos from our own experience, passion and love of the global music industry says Kevin Nixon.  DIME is a fantastic place to learn, to be creative and gain the skills to earn a living. Learning to understand all the industry sectors, from music publishing to radio plugging, helps young musicians find unexpected career opportunities.

Check out the video and poster below.